Parenting by text messaging

Since I work full time, there seems to be an increasing amount of remote parenting by texting.  Last night I was at the Seattle Mariner’s Stitch and Pitch,  the Husbeast and the girls were at home.  Half way through the game I get the following text from Shannon:

Shannon:  Mom, if you dont have lunch so you have something else later in the day at like six does that count as dinner?

Me:   It depends.  Are you still hungry?

Shannon:  Ya

Me:  Then eat!

apple one

Believe me, that text conversation was much easier than the one earlier in the week where there was much lobbying for another hermit crab:

Shannon:  Mom I was wondering when I could get a hermit crab again.

Me:  I’m pretty done with the hermit crabs for now.  Sorry.

Shannon:  Why?  You said that we should take a break and we did and that was my prize for stopping my habit.  (thumb sucking…hung in there until well past age eight)

Me:  We are still taking a break.  It isn’t forever.

Shannon:  Mom, you said that over a year ago and you said after the remodel and we’re not having the remodel.

Me:  I know.  But right now I am having to spend way too much time with cleaning up the messes we already have.

Shannon:  Aurgh!!!  Please?

Me:  I can’t discuss this right now.  I need to get my work done.

The joys of parenting in an electronic age.  The upside?  I don’t have to remember the conversation.  The downside? Heck, there really isn’t much of one.  At least they are communicating.

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2 Responses to Parenting by text messaging

  1. Annie says:

    nice apples, makes me feel hungry just looking at them.

  2. Barb says:

    “At least they are communicating”-such a great attitude, heh. Mom’s have to be ever vigilant for those moments;) Those apples are beautiful!

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