Just basic socks

Despite my best efforts, some knitting has been accomplished!


Granted, it wasn’t a really exciting project, but the socks have been finished, ends woven in and they have been put away for gifting.


Yarn:  Opal

Needles:  2.25 mm

Stitches:  76

Pattern:  2×2 rib for an inch or so, then a 5×1 rib for the remainder of the sock.

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4 Responses to Just basic socks

  1. Aesox says:

    And colors carefully lined up, very cute!

  2. greta says:

    LOVELY! Nice to have that sense of accomplishment with Knitting,
    as opposed to the paperwork/school starting/parenting/cat care which
    *seems* neverending 😉

  3. Barb says:

    Perfect for the fancy yarn. I can feel my sock mojo returning, maybe just a wee bit:)

  4. Lorette says:

    Lovely colors! I like your “just” basic socks!

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