I’ve returned from the weekend, only to find that I am ever farther behind and more jumbled up than usual.  Things are settling back towards whatever counts as normal around here, so I will just be grateful for that.  The daily battle of the will where homework is concerned continues, work is a chaotic pit of busy and I sometimes think that I meet myself coming and going more often than not.


Getting to spend time with the parental units without the responsiblity of my own parenting tasks was nice.  I did some cleaning for Mom, watched plenty of football with Papa and worked on some knitting stuff.  Sometimes it is good to have nothing planned.

The services and memorial for Mrs. Guard were a wonderful celebration of a life well lived.   The church was packed for the funeral mass, I delivered my portion of the eulogy without too much stumbling and enjoyed the stories that were shared among friends and family.  We forget sometimes, that one person can have a great deal of impact upon the the lives that cross through their own.  This was a definite reminder that this actually happens.

Fall colour is emerging more every day.  It was interesting to me how much more colour there was on the trip back to Seattle than four days earlier.  I truly love this time of year.


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  1. Liz says:

    What a wonderful picture! Could I get a 5×7 of that one? Looking at this picture, it is hard to believe they are almost 80, and age 86!!!

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