Twenty years of togetherness will bring you this

A conversation from the Weebug house, where the Husbeast was looking for something in the dresser:

Me: Whatcha looking for?
Husbeast: My brains.
Me: Generally speaking you don’t usually store them in the sock drawer.
Husbeast: Well maybe I put them there for safekeeping and forgot. You know, its safe place, its soft, its fuzzy…
Me: Well that certainly explains the lint between the ears.

Ahh, the joys of twenty years. And yes, we then collapsed in a fit of giggling.

Ever wonder what the inside of one of those little retractable measuring tapes looks like?


Well wonder no more!

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2 Responses to Twenty years of togetherness will bring you this

  1. Christie says:

    As long as you can both laugh with [and at] each other!

  2. Barb says:

    Funny…hope he found his brains! Hmm, what is all the black stuff inside the tape measure. It looks complicated!

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