The dignity was damaged…

This photo series is brought to you by a slight miscue.

shan ice

Where the said child’s hand was caught in a panel mat while doing a standing back tuck, due to an incomplete rotation.

shan ray

Of course nothing my children ever do injury wise is clear cut, so we have to go back for x-rays again on Monday.

shan spintJPG

We are really hoping that it is just a sprain.

Of course, on my way out of the door to collect the gymnast and take her to the ER, I grabbed the wrong backback. Good news? She was able to do some of her reading while we waited. Bad news? I did not have any knitting with me. It was a very long three hours.

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3 Responses to The dignity was damaged…

  1. Liz says:

    Hope she is on the mend quickly!!!!

  2. Tamra says:

    Good Luck, I hope it heals well! She’ll be back in no time. Kids always bounce back unlike their adult counterparts! 🙂

  3. midgeling says:

    She looks miserable. 🙁

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