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Gymnasts are a tough bunch. They work hard to make their sport seem easy. But what you see on their meet days doesn’t even begin to reflect all the hard work they do in practice.

practice at the gym

I was reminded about this today when I stopped at the gym and took a few moments to just observe the girls during their strength portion of their work out. Just watching the seemingly endless repetitions is exhausting.

33/365 Chocolate Dreams

This week’s challenge over at the 365 project is food and beverages. At knitting tonight there was a basket of Theo chocolate bars. It took quite a lot of self discipline on my part to avoid indulging myself. However I suspect nibbling on my the household chocolate stash when I got home was a bit counter productive.

Today is also the silent poetry reading day for bloggers. I had thought about writing my own poem and while I am perfectly capable of doing so, I found that I am lacking the necessary inspiration at the moment. So once again, I’ll share one of my Pop Newkirk’s poems.

Soul Flight

Seek some pleasant, seaside nook
Where sunshine warms and waves are still,
There, resting with a worthwhile book,
Forget the woes of life which kill.

Upon your ears the soothing rote
Of lapping wavelets on the shore,
Fall into time with lines you quote
From some great poet, gone before.

So pause, with life’s descending day
And, conscience clear from willful wrong,
Observe the lights and shadows play
To form the pattern for a song.

Out in the sun-blessed afternoon,
Mind entranced by the wild bird’s tune,
Breathing deep of the rich perfume
Of red June roses, ripe with bloom.

The soul leaps up in ecstasy
To ride the dreams of Destiny
And, soaring far above the grime,
Finds height and reach in space and time.

I N Newkirk, II

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