Monday Meanderings

While the east coast is busy dodging storms and digging out their sidewalks, here in the Pacific Northwest, it is all about the various shades of green that are popping up all over. Including serious progress on my Ginny sweater.

39/365 shades of green

I have now finished the back and am on to the front. I can’t seem to take a picture that shows the actual true color of this sweater, it is more of a sage green than this photo shows, but I loved the way that the light caught the differences between the yarn that is knitted up and the yarn still in the ball. Little things like that really amuse me.

It still isn’t light long enough for me to get much yard work done after work, I am hoping that by next week that will change. I am looking forward to getting my yard back in order and am busy trying to figure out where to sneak some vegetables in instead of flowers. It’s all about the process. Over the past few years we have put in a couple of apple trees, a few blueberry bushes and this spring a dwarf cherry tree is going in the back yard. As the Husbeast fondly reminds me, I am a farmer’s daughter. If I had my way, the big towering fir trees in the back yard would give way to a huge pile of firewood and I would have my own little orchard back there instead. I haven’t won that argument yet. But I am working on it, even as much as I am on the fence about the idea. We would have to sacrifice a bit of our privacy in the back yard if the trees went away and I am not sure that any of us really want to do that any time soon.

I haven’t been in much of a meandering mood lately, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t thoughts percolating in the back of my mind. Ideas do that. They sit in the corners and simmer until they either boil over, or sneak back into my thoughts and demand to be set free. Sometimes they don’t even wait until Mondays!

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