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Resurfacing again

The miasma of infection has slowly cleared and I am beginning to see the light of day again. It sure took me for a bit of a side journey though. What can I say? Complications seem to be a strange … Continue reading

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Playing catch up. Again

I having problems getting the other two photos uploaded. Dang.

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Bits of this and that

This convalescence gig isn’t easy. I am used to being quite independent and not having to ask for help for the mundane chores that make up every day life. I am frustrated with the whole situation. The Husbeast gave me … Continue reading

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A moment of whimsy

Just that. A moment of whimsy when it was least expected. Giving me a moment of unexpected laughter and the need to pull the camera out of my bag.

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Monday Meanderings

I suppose that there could be many ways to write this, but I think that I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Ignore the self portrat mode of photography, perhaps I should learn to utilize the timer function on … Continue reading

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Wagon with Red wheels

I have a few tangible items from my childhood. One of those things is this little wagon with red wheels. It is battered and scarred, devoid of the primary coloured blocks and dowels that it at one time held. It … Continue reading

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almost caught up

I’m almost caught up with my 365 photos, I thought about not blogging this evening and then realized that I would be having to do way more photo’s than I would like to tomorrow. So one more day of photo … Continue reading

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Playing catch up

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Monday Morning Meanderings

It truly is the wee hours of the morning. I really should be trying to sleep, but my mind is racing around in a frenzy, knowing that there are tons of things that I should have been doing this weekend … Continue reading

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Today was the second day in a row that we were at the gym, watching gymnastics and breathing chalk dust. The girls did well, and as always it was fun to watch. The best part was realizing that Shann cn … Continue reading

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