Monday meanderings

It seems that we are getting a bit of inclement weather. This always poses a problem here in Seattle, because no one knows how to actually drive in the stuff. Heck, we even seem to have a bit of difficulty in the transition between dry and wet pavement, so I don’t know why I would have even the remotest expecation that we could handle a bit of snow and ice.

Knitters know how to deal with the cold. Any excuse to break out the needles and knit another hat is fine by me and I finished up Rose Red yesterday at the beach, just in time for winter! The yarn is the Intention Yarn Friendship. It is a merino, alpaca and silk blend, totally wonderful for knitting and keeping my head warm!

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  1. Denise says:

    Love that hat. It looks like just the thing to keep a head warm.

    I’m Rochester, NY which is a snow belt of the east. Every year people totally forget how to drive on snow and ice. There are some who never learn the whole winter.

    I heard the few times it has snowed here in Tucson, the city came to a complete stand still. I can understand that, the shock must have been tremendous.

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