Meandering and Creative Mending

Christmas seemed short and sweet this year. We spent Christmas Eve home as a family, had a simple supper of home made chicken noodle soup and watched White Christmas together. When the kids were little, we started a tradition of new pajamas on Christmas Eve. Every year we have this little dance. I ask the girls if they still want pajamas at Christmas. They look at me as if I have lost my mind and roll their eyes. And so the tradition continues.

We crammed as much family visiting time into Saturday and Sunday as we could and before anything could be done about it Monday morning rolled around. Which was a shame, because the weekend seemed way too short.

With two dogs, a couple of cats and the kids, things tend to get rather banged up around here.

It doesn’t look especially pretty, but at least we are colour coordinated around here.

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  1. AlisonH says:

    And a Happy New Year!

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