Monday Meanderings

Today’s post is a bit of a mixed bag. I went down to Washougal over the weekend to celebrate my father’s 88th birthday. The time spent was a whirlwind of things that needed to be accomplished and family time. I managed to fit some me time into the mix and the result was a great weekend.

106/365 Father and Son

Saturday morning I particpated in the MS walk in Vancouver, WA with my dear friend Betsy and her family. I took many photos, but this one spoke of the communty of giving. It was a lovely walk, starting at the historic Fort Vancouver site, going over highway 14 and the railroad tracks via an awesome pedestrian overpass, then walking along the Columbia River for awhile before turning back and retracing our steps. Our team, Annie’s Army had loads of fun supporting our friend and family member Annie in her journey with this awful disease. I love her sense of humour, her strength and the inner light that she shares with her friends and family. It is a rough journey, but I am honoured to be a part of it and to have helped in this very small way.

107/365 Magnolia Blossom

My folks have this huge Magnolia in their front yard. This bloom is fading, unfurled to see the beauty inside. Kind of like people, we lose the youthful beauty, mature and grow. Then we fade, revealing the inner strength and beauty of the soul, each wrinkle telling a different story. I needed this reminder, as I am at that stage in live where the wrinkles and age start to creep about, and the image in the mirror isn’t the age that I perceive myself.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Papa! I hope you enjoyed having your girls home for the weekend. I know that I, as always, enjoyed just spending time with you!

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  1. ellen says:

    What a lovely weekend you had…on so many different levels.
    Best to you, e.

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