Dreaming of Mice

I really would like to show a better photo of the recently finished sock blanket, but I have run into a slight issue. One, I can’t seem to get daughter number two to let go of it long enough to get the rest of the ends woven in and to repair a couple of the squares that suffered some sort of injury that caused a hole or two.

109/365 dreaming of mice

Second problem is that Squirt seems to think that I made the blanket for him and when Shann isn’t using it, I can find this silly cat curled up on a corner.


Probably due to the cooler than normal temperatures around here, the tulips have been quite amazing. I am constantly amazed at the depth and breadth of colours. I find myself drawn to them and to attempt to capture them in photos because they are only here for such a short amount of time. It makes the cold planting season of October so worth while.

108/365 lampshade

And this? I just kind of like it.

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2 Responses to Dreaming of Mice

  1. AlisonH says:

    I was going, oh, that’s cool, what IS it? Ah. Lampshade. Got it. Cool!

    I love tulips. They’re very rare here; it doesn’t get cold enough for them to bloom more than the first year planted, unless you dig them up and store them in your fridge for six months. That and the squirrels adore the bulbs, whereas they won’t touch daffodils.

    I planted tulips once. Put the bulbs in the ground and didn’t know I was waving goodbye forever. So I really love seeing others in full bloom!

    Your cat is giving the finest seal of approval ever. Love it.

  2. ellen kelley says:

    I love the kitty shot. She looks so contented. I wish that I could sleep that way.

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