Another view

My posts seem to be pretty picture heavy these days, as my camera is always with me and there is a never ending source of beauty and allure of the world around me. I love the challenge of trying to capture just the right moment or angle of the simple things of life.

116/365 vestiges of spring

The tulip petals have flown in the wind, leaving vestiges of what has been. There are still many in bloom, but these were definitely past their prime, leaving behind the stark beauty that reminds me of solitude.


In complete contrast, I found these beauties on my walk yesterday. I haven’t seen this type of colouration before, and I love the combination of purple and white.

finished blanket

And for the obligate knitting content, here is a better view of the sock blanket. I was able to snatch a photo at the end of the day, before I folded the blankets up and set them on the couch to wait for morning.

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  1. Annie says:

    Your blanket is gorgeous….makes me want to get along with mine, but that means more sock knitting too!

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