Jynx in the Mirror

I’m knitting a pair of generic gray socks for the Husbeast, using odds and ends of yarn from my mom. Only problem is that she gave me yarn that is two different weights, so I may not have enough. If anyone out there with leftover gray sock yarn that you want to get rid of, just leave me a note!

On the other hand, there are all sorts of kitten shenanegans going on around here:

Nap time

Havoc and Shannon are so busy that occasionally the urge to nap overtakes both of them.

On the other hand, Jynx was caught in a bit of confusion as to the identity of the kitten in the mirror:

187/365 Jynx in the mirror.

See what I mean? Never a dull moment. And after the past week of taking care of my parents, this is just what the doctor ordered.

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2 Responses to Jynx in the Mirror

  1. 2paw says:

    I hope your mum is well now?? Those kittens are so cute, and those Mirror Kittens are evil!!

  2. Annie says:

    Now I could really do with a nap, I would have to rug up though as it has been a cold winter here….not that is snow or anything where I live and would never get as cold as your winters, but to me it is so cold. The kittens are so cute. Good luck with finding some more grey sock yarn.

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