Waiting for Norma

My cousin Norma passed away a couple of weeks ago and the memorial service was held on August 31st, which would have been her 78th birthday. As a child I was always confused by the whole cousin thing, as she was much closer to my father’s age than my own. She was the perfect counterpoint to her husband Don, with her quiet manner balancing his gregariousness. Together they raised four children, my second cousins. She was an accomplished quilter, seamstress and knitter, as well as a fantastic cook. Family gatherings will not be the same without her apple pie.

Looking for Norma 243/365

This bear was from her childhood. Sitting here, she is looking forlorn and lost, waiting for the little girl from those long ago days to come galloping through the door and scoop her up in loving arms. Looking for that little girl who has left us for a new journey.

I have no doubt that Mother Bear is with Norma in spirit. For as you can see, this bear is real and loved.

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3 Responses to Waiting for Norma

  1. ellen kelley says:

    Oh, Marti,
    What a beautiful post. I am teary eyed. I, too, believe that Mother Bear is with Norma.
    Take care,
    with affection, e.

  2. Laurie Brown says:


    Thank you for the beautiful tribute to my mom. You are a special person and I want that knitting weekend to take place!


  3. Barb says:

    Sorry for your loss. Some great memories…

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