It’s Friday Night

It’s Friday night and I am tired. Stuff at work is piling up and there never seems to be enough time in my workday to get everything done. I hate that. We have a busy weekend planned too, touring a couple of colleges here in Seattle for Fiona. I can’t believe that she is old enough to go to college, seems like just yesterday she was gearing up for kindergarten.

Then there is the puppy training class in the afternoon, the endless attempts to try and get caught up on the laundry and the housework. Somehow, I don’t think that every thing is going to get done. I’d love to just curl up on the couch and knit, but I will be lucky to sneak in a few rows occasionally. (It only took me four tries to get occasionally spelled correctly).

So on that note I am going to bed. And I am hoping that I I have enough coffee around the house to have a cuppa before heading out in the morning.

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