Leaping away from February

I just had to post today. Otherwise I would have to wait four more years to get to post on the 29th of February. Kind of a silly think I suppose, but leap year day only comes once every four years. Apparently I am easily amused.

I played soccer tonight. It was rather chilly and I started the game with wearing a hat. Shortly after that I was too warm so I ditched the hat. Then my ears were cold. Knitting to the rescue, I had a cashmere/merino cowl that I made last hear in my coat pocket. It worked great for keeping my ears warm and I am pretty sure that wearing a cashmere/merino blend cowl while playing soccer is some sort of fashion trendsetting. Not that I am a fashion trend setter by any stretch of the imagination.

I survived the game. I hope that I am still feeling that way in the morning when I attempt to walk.

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