May Day

I seem to be incapable of sustaining any type of rythmn with my blogging these days. I’m sorry. Work has been challenging, with all sorts of deadlines and new things to learn. All while trying to maintain the current operating system until go live. By the time I get home there just isn’t a whole lot left in the tank.

I have been knitting however, lots of linen stitch scarves, hoping to make a dent in the stash that has accumulated over the years. The dent doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference, but at least I can say that I am working toward it.

And I’ve been running. I completed my first 5k race over the weekend. The time wasn’t anything to write home about, but I finished without walking. And I am proud of that accomplishment. Fiona ran it too, leaving me in the dust. It was her first 5K and I couldn’t be prouder.

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  1. ellen kelley says:

    Good for you on your running! I think you should be very proud of yourself.

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