Misadventures in the kitchen.

Lately I have been following a fairly paleo diet. Don’t judge. I feel better and that is the whole point of it. It isn’t about losing weight for me, not an issue, but finding a way to feel better in the long run. And after several months of it, I find that I have more focus and energy. The times I slip I feel rotten. And that’s good enough evidence for me.

My friend Francine has recently embarked on her own paleo adventure and posted a recipe for porridge. I have to admit it is pretty darn good.


So where did the misadventure come in? The can of coconut milk. I didn’t have any coconut milk and had a moment of extreme sadness at the thought of not having porridge for breakfast. Because dang it, I miss my oatmeal. Then I remembered I had a can of coconut cream in the pantry. Close enough. Then there was the can opener fail, where the one I could find just mashed the edge of the can. Of course my back up can opener is no where to be found, I suspect the kitchen gremlins (the same ones that are incapable of cleaning up anything ) have run off with it for reasons that only they can comprehend. I figured that I would just shake up the can and use the old fashioned can/bottle opener thingy that has been languishing in the catch-all drawer in the kitchen.

That didn’t work too well. The coconut cream refused to blend itself and pour out of the can. So I punched holes all the way around and eventually had to resort to the kitchen shears to remove the top. All for a 1/2 cup of liquid.

That complete fiasco aside, the porridge is pretty darn good. I didn’t have any cardamon seed, so I substituted some vanilla and nutmeg. A half of a mango completed the meal. I think that next time I will add some roasted almond and raisens!

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  1. Francine says:

    I love that you were undaunted and just kept going! New recipe coming today for those without cardamom. You can also use almond milk if you have it.

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