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 Spinning snippets of life around and through my fiber arts obsession, writing and photography.  I live in Seattle with my beloved Husbeast, two daughters and various furry critters.

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  1. Karen Clack says:

    It has been years!!

    Cannot believe how the girls have grown. 16? Hardly seems possible. Taylor will be 12 in October, and that seems even more unbelievable. He is almost as tall as Paula.

    I know you stay busy, but if you have time, I would love to commission some knitting lessons 🙂 I have been doing a lot of crocheting as of late, given my entirely too horizontal life, but knitting has just never been something that I could figure out how to do much with. I am having another heart surgery on Sept 9th, and I expect my dance card will be pretty open for a while.

    I hope you’ve all had a good summer and the girls are getting excited for the start of start. Tell Dennis hello for me too!


  2. Lisa Malcom says:

    What a great page Marti. I love the photos and your knitting and sewing projects are excellent. Do you still make the Raggedy Ann dolls? I made myself a pair and I’ve rescued several from estate sales and finished them too. They’re like adopted children for me. I too have been trying to work myself back into running condition. Not sure when that will happen but the exercise is good and that’s half the battle. Take care, and have a “Happy Mother’s Day”.

    God Bless,

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