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Father and Son

A moment of quiet after a busy day. I love watching my brother in his role as a father, the quiet joy and thankfulness for his children always comes through at the most unexpected moments.

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Waiting for Norma

My cousin Norma passed away a couple of weeks ago and the memorial service was held on August 31st, which would have been her 78th birthday. As a child I was always confused by the whole cousin thing, as she … Continue reading

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Stopping by for a visit

Fee and I were walking past an apartment building yesterday when we came across this huge black and white kitty. I thought that our older cats were big, but this guy clearly out masses them in that department. Despite his … Continue reading

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How time flies

Time just keeps zipping along around these parts. Can’t even say that it has been a fantastic summer, because we have only had about a week of truly summer weather. That particular week was spent at my folks when Mom … Continue reading

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Jynx in the Mirror

I’m knitting a pair of generic gray socks for the Husbeast, using odds and ends of yarn from my mom. Only problem is that she gave me yarn that is two different weights, so I may not have enough. If … Continue reading

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Summer days and family

We have actually have had a couple of summery weather type days. They happen so rarely in June that they are more like a teaser of days to come after the fourth of July. Yesterday our niece was married, so … Continue reading

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Monday Meanderings

This morning’s meanderings are another mixed bag. This weekend was Easter and for a change of pace, the girls hid eggs for us after they finished their egg hunt. I hadn’t been on an Easter egg hunt for years. They … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Mice

I really would like to show a better photo of the recently finished sock blanket, but I have run into a slight issue. One, I can’t seem to get daughter number two to let go of it long enough to … Continue reading

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Monday Meanderings

Today’s post is a bit of a mixed bag. I went down to Washougal over the weekend to celebrate my father’s 88th birthday. The time spent was a whirlwind of things that needed to be accomplished and family time. I … Continue reading

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Segregated Trail Mix

I came home to find these little piles on the dining room table. I asked my daughter about it and she replied that she didn’t like her trail mix mixed. Must be genetic. Husbeast didn’t like mixed nuts at her … Continue reading

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