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Back Home Again

We are back after spending the weekend in Washougal helping out the folks. It wasn’t really a planned visit, but one of those visits that are taken as we face aging parents. Papa was hospitalized for a GI bleed. After … Continue reading

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May Day

I seem to be incapable of sustaining any type of rythmn with my blogging these days. I’m sorry. Work has been challenging, with all sorts of deadlines and new things to learn. All while trying to maintain the current operating … Continue reading

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Bunny for Nico

I have quite a few baby things to knit lately, and it is close as to whether they will be completed before the baby arrives. No guessing on this one however, since Nico is now well over a year old … Continue reading

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Sweater Tragedy

I don’t remember when I knit this sweater, but it is one that I keep at my office. Since the office is pretty darn cold most of the time it gets lots of use. I was thinking this week that … Continue reading

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Stopping by for a visit

Fee and I were walking past an apartment building yesterday when we came across this huge black and white kitty. I thought that our older cats were big, but this guy clearly out masses them in that department. Despite his … Continue reading

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Jynx in the Mirror

I’m knitting a pair of generic gray socks for the Husbeast, using odds and ends of yarn from my mom. Only problem is that she gave me yarn that is two different weights, so I may not have enough. If … Continue reading

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Meet Mouse and Havoc

The upside of Shann shadowing our wonderful vet once a month is that she has a fantastic opportunity to have some hands on experience with working with animals. The downside? We now have kittens.

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Monday Meanderings

This morning’s meanderings are another mixed bag. This weekend was Easter and for a change of pace, the girls hid eggs for us after they finished their egg hunt. I hadn’t been on an Easter egg hunt for years. They … Continue reading

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Segregated Trail Mix

I came home to find these little piles on the dining room table. I asked my daughter about it and she replied that she didn’t like her trail mix mixed. Must be genetic. Husbeast didn’t like mixed nuts at her … Continue reading

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Challenge from my daughter

Fiona is taking an art class this semester. I think that her drawings are pretty amazing and that my own sketches pale in comparison. So today she gave me one of the items on her assignment list. More challenging than … Continue reading

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