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Finding my happy place

Turns out, my happy place isn’t just knitting anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to binge watch shows and knit away, but after a while I just get twitchy. So a couple of years ago I returned to … Continue reading

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Crossword Hands

Out of the corner of my eye the memory tugged at my heart. Pen against paper, words parsed out from obscure clues on the printed paper. Hands. Gnarled with age, swollen from arthritic joints, grasping the pen that look small … Continue reading

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Meandering through

It’s been a season of change. The air is tinged with scents of my childhood, causing reflection of the changes over the years, not only of my own life, but those around me. I remember walking through the fields toward … Continue reading

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November 21

Back to meandering. It’s a time to be thankful, but there are days where I just don’t feel that way. So how do I take a step back and evaluate, to find something, anything to appreciate in it’s fullest. I … Continue reading

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Waiting for Norma

My cousin Norma passed away a couple of weeks ago and the memorial service was held on August 31st, which would have been her 78th birthday. As a child I was always confused by the whole cousin thing, as she … Continue reading

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Jynx in the Mirror

I’m knitting a pair of generic gray socks for the Husbeast, using odds and ends of yarn from my mom. Only problem is that she gave me yarn that is two different weights, so I may not have enough. If … Continue reading

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Self Reflection

Not feeling really wordy these days, but I don’t want ignore my blog either. So here are a few photos that I took yesterday. The peach color comes comes across like freckles scattered over my child’s face, as if it … Continue reading

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Breathing Room

Life doesn’t give me much breathing room. I find myself coming up for gasps of air between work, the kids, the pets, Husbeast and poorly attempted household maintenance. Finding a sense of balance isn’t easy and I have been trying … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring

Unlike my own gardens, the planters at work change with the seasons. My bulbs are just starting to poke through the earth, while the ones at work get a jump start by planting them ready to go. 73/365 Today I … Continue reading

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A sprinkling of snow

It probably won’t be here in the morning, but for now it is pretty. There is something about winter. The crispness of the air, clouds full of the expectation of snow, while children lay sleepless in anticipation of the no … Continue reading

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